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Response To Interventions (rti)

Response to Intervention (RTI) is how we respond when students are not mastering the Utah Core standards (academically) or school wide expectations (behaviorally). During Initial Tier I instruction students are assessed to determine level of understanding of both academic standards and behavioral expectations. If students are not understanding the skills being taught, the teacher will select and implement an intervention to bridge the learning gap. The intervention effectiveness will be assessed and if the student does not demonstrate growth selected teams may determine an immediate and targeted Tier II intervention is needed. Tier II interventions occur more frequently and match the students’ specific need. Based on the ongoing assessments, a few students’ may need an intensive, targeted intervention to help them make progress. This would be a Tier III intervention. Tier III interventions occur often and student progress is monitored frequently. The goal of the interventions is to provide the students with additional learning opportunities to master Utah Core standards or school-wide behavioral expectations.

Academic Interventions


Behavior Interventions

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